3 Tips To Determine The Size Of A Wedding Cake

3 Tips To Determine The Size Of A Wedding Cake

3 Tips To Determine The Size Of A Wedding CakeOrdering a wedding cake may be quite difficult, especially when you have to determine its right size accordingly. An extra amount of cake can deliver the wastage an eatable item and its cost too while a small size wedding cake will not satisfy all. Likewise, there are many factors to determine the size of your cake. Here is a list of all main 3 tips that can help you to decide what cake size of your wedding cake should be:
  • Check The Guest List
    You may have invited a number of guests in your wedding reception party. In the crowd, there may some people who love cake than any other dessert you have on your menu. On an average, you can get away with your ordered cake for 77 to 85 per cent of guests.
  • Budget And Cake Design
    If you go for the look of your cake design, you can go with the large wedding cake of about five tier. It is enough beautiful to attract the visitors. On the other side, if you are looking for the budget-friendly option then choose a layer of two fake cake as it can be cut into a multi-layer cake and still be served as the additional dessert.
  • Additional Desserts
    In case, you have also involved the dessert in your menu then you will need to serve less cake to the guests. In such a condition, you will probably need to order about 50 per cent cake and cover with the additional dessert to be served to all.

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