4 Unique Cake Designs For A Corporate Party

4 Unique Cake Designs For A Corporate Party

cake-designs-corporate-partyAre you planning a corporate event or an employee’s party? If yes, there must be so many arrangements you are taking care of. Apart from the lunch buffet and drinks, another delicacy you should consider is a corporate cake. Cake filled celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries and achievements in office is a good way to boost the morale of an employee. If you are bored of ordering the same cake design at every event, here are some unique corporate cake designs you can order:

  • The Optical Illusion Cake

If you want to try a unique cake, an optical illusion is one of the most dazzling cake design to opt for. For a corporate event with an optical illusion theme, order a simple cake with black and white illusion to provide an amazing flair to the office event.

  • Company Logo Cupcakes

To make sure your employees remain motivated to always deliver the best, keep their spirits high with an occasional cupcake serving. Instead of just ordering the common cupcakes, ask a baker to bake some unique cupcakes in the shape of your company logo.

  • Company Color Cake

Your company might be having a color that depicts their logo, premise, service or anything. While ordering a cake, you can consider the color which favors your office premise or ambiance. Order a delicious cake with a unique color to symbolize a different aspect of your business.

  • Spell It Out Cupcakes

This is an amazing way of representing your corporate party theme with beautifully baked and designed colorful cupcakes. On each of the cupcake, you can embed an alphabet of your company name. You can also deliver a special message by spelling them out individually on cupcakes.

So, these are few ways to design a unique corporate cake for your office party. If you are looking to order a delicious wedding, birthday or corporate cake in Cambridge, feel free to place an order at Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats.

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