5 Effective Tips for Choosing The Best Cake Design

5 Effective Tips for Choosing The Best Cake Design

5 Effective Tips for Choosing The Best Cake DesignDesigning a perfect birthday cake can be overwhelming, unless and until, it’s your own birthday party. Everyone wants a delicious and stunning cake that can turn up to be a show stopper. With variety of designs and flavors available on a baker’s shop, choosing one out of them is quite a daunting experience. Whether to opt for a custom, oval or square shape etc. can confuse a person. Well, there are a lot many ways to select the best birthday cake.

    Some of the tips for choosing an ideal cake design are:

  • Do think about a unique design
    Great cakes are baked by focusing on all minor details like theme, decor, style, color etc. along with the character and object specifications. Don’t opt for last minute ideas and start thinking about the theme and design many days before. By this who can convey your design idea to the Cambridge baker in an effective way and will get exactly the same cake, as you pictured in mind.
  • Do consider who will be coming
    Before ordering a cake, do consider the likes and dislikes of your guests. If it is a family party, go for colorful cakes. In case, its a kids birthday party, opt for cartoon character cakes. And above all, if only your friends are invited, go for a horror theme and cake idea.
  • Do remember the theme of event
    Theme parties are comparatively more awesome and funny compared to regular treats. If your friends have already decided a theme idea, do keep it in mind while deciding the cake design. If your dad is fond of playing basketball, then you can surprise him by ordering a basketball themed cake. Its better to communicate about the theme you have in mind with the local cake shop owner.
  • Don’t mix too many ideas
    A single idea and few designs can work fine with every cake. Don’t try to include all your ideas in a single cake as it may result in overcrowding of designs that will make your cake look cluttered. Stick to a minimum of three design concepts to get a unique and beautiful birthday cake.
  • Don’t choose an unappealing theme
    There are a lot of themes that may sound impressive, but doesn’t turn out to be in reality. Though its good to go with unique concepts, don’t forget your niche and limited tastes of your guests. For ex: an animal imaged cake may feel awkward to slice and eat for some animal loving people.

Now that you are aware about the basics of cake design, start designing a unique idea for your coming up birthday cake. Want an awesome cake for your birthday celebration, contact us to bake your dream cake into reality.

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