5 Selective Cake Flavors For Your Coming Wedding Reception

5 Selective Cake Flavors For Your Coming Wedding Reception

Like a wedding couple, a cake is also a centerpiece of the visiting audience on the day of reception. When it comes to plan your whole wedding functions, one has to give deep focus on the cake flavor. There are dozens of cake combinations but it is necessary to pick the one which perfectly compliments the wedding day. Along with the pleasing look, a cake must be delicious to eat.
5 Selective Cake Flavors For Your Coming Wedding Reception

You can review some of the top wedding cake flavors which can make your wedding reception more memorable:

  • Vanilla: It is the most common flavor chosen by the couples on their wedding day. It gives the fruity taste and is most favorite among the visiting relatives. It is an adorable welcoming cake flavor which can be designed with the simple vanilla frosting and you can get it dressed in the way you like.
  • Chocolate: Among the different options of flavor pairings, chocolate is just another most popular wedding cake flavor. It is one of the childhood favorite flavor which is liked by all and no matter what’s the occasion. This mixed flavor can be added with the accents of mint, orange, and strawberry.
  • Red Velvet: It is the most adopting option that is picked by most of the brides and grooms. Red Velvet gives a deep red sponge color along with the cheesy cream which makes the moment more special. It is rich and smooth flavor which can combine with chocolate as well as vanilla.
  • Lemon: If you are looking for the most trending cake option, Lemon is the perfect example for your wedding reception. This one is the great choice for the couples who want a simple look in their cake rather than having a heavy and rich one. It is styled with the strawberries or whipped cream which gives completeness to cake’s flavor.
  • Buttercream: Buttercream is the most popular wedding flavor which is full of butter and powdered sugar. It is one of the confectionery masterpieces which offers the best taste to visitors. It looks great when included with chocolates and delicious filling.

With one of these flavors, one can make his/her event unforgettable for a lifetime. To have perfect masterpiece for your coming wedding, you can choose our creative bakers at DVAS Custom Cakes & Treats.

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