Does Your Cupcake Needs Rest?

Does Your Cupcake Needs Rest?

Cake BakersReady to bake a cupcake?


Do you know that your cupcake needs rest?

To understand it better, you may try experimenting with a batch of batter. Divide the batter into two parts. Pick one of them and transfer them into tins to bake. Whereas, leave the other one to rest for about 40- minutes and then transfer it to tins to bake!

Examine their differences. Let us know in the comments below what you noticed?

What happens to both the cupcake- batters?

The actual process takes place in the oven but a slower rate. Two actions like absorption of liquid by starches and reaction of leavening agents occur! The baking soda added in the batter immediately begins to react as it comes in contact with acidic ingredients. Thus a long resting period will expend its learning capabilities. On the other hand, baking powder is a double-acting agent which reacts first when it comes in contact with liquid and then in the oven after reaching a specific temperature.

Starches are also influenced when you leave a batter to rest before baking. It absorbs liquid in a type of pre-gelation of the batter. Hence, the result will be a thickened batter which will be an early setting of the structure of cupcake.

Air pocket size in a batter also matters. When we mix the batter, air pockets are formed which gives the cupcake the desired rise. However, if we leave it to rest, these air pockets form a layer. The end result of cupcake in the latter case is coarser compared to the previous batter.

Hence, we can say that there is not a significant difference in either of the cases. Even in theory, scratch liquid absorption might play a vital role but there is no notable difference. Thus, it is advised to not leave your cupcake batter on rest for a longer period of time. Also, if your recipe says to give your batter a rest, it is not necessary to follow them.

Enjoy Baking!

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