How To Know Your Cake Is Ready To Serve?

How To Know Your Cake Is Ready To Serve?

Making a cake is one of the interesting things to do, from the baking process to cutting it into few small pieces, everything is fun. When it comes to taste the cake, no one likes to eat undercooked cake whatever the occasion is. Even, nobody likes to come in the situation of re-baking the cake when it seems to be cooked but not in reality. For any cake recipe, a baking time is the starting point that tells you how long a cake will take time to cook. One who is at the position of making a cake has to become perfect on every trick to ensure that the hours that he has spent in preparing and baking aren’t wasted.
How To Know Your Cake Is Ready To Serve?

Here are the few ways that tell you that your cake is ready to serve in front of the visitors:

  1. Check Out The Edges: A cake is said to be finished when the edges of the cake are easily pulling away from the side of the container. After taking out from the oven, if you see a gap between the cake and a tin, then its state that your cake has been baked.
  2. Give A Gentle Touch: Another way to check either your cake is ready to eat or not is to give a touch on its upper part. On giving a gentle press, if your cake is bouncy then it’s ready to take out from the oven.
  3. Check With A Skewer: Inserting the skewer inside the cake is another way to check whether the cake is ready to serve or not. When you insert some thin skewer in a cake and if wet cake stuck to skewer, then it means your cake has not baked completely.
  4. Use Thermometer: Thermometer is also an accurate way to check whether a cake is baked properly or not. It is helpful for checking the internal temperature of the cake which must be around 98 degree C.
  5. Cut In Thin Pieces: You always cut the cake in small and thin slices as it will make you sure that it has been baked correctly.

Before serving, you must decorate your cake with icing, frosting and check for the texture, taste to ensure the cake is cooked through. If you want to serve a perfect cake piece in front of your visitors, then you can choose an option of our professional bakers at DVAS Custom Cakes & Treats.

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