3 Reasons To Avoid Use Of Fresh Flower On A Cake

3 Reasons To Avoid Use Of Fresh Flower On A Cake

Fresh FlowerThe trend of designing a cake with flowers is dominating the market, but the use of fresh flowers on a wedding cake should be avoided. Though it can be a cheaper option because sugar flowers take time to make, these can be dangerous to your cake love. 

Here are the reasons why you should avoid designing your wedding cake with flowers.

  • Flower Can Be Poisonous
    Some flowers like lily of the valley, tulips, and others can be harmful when touched. It can result in vomiting and blistering skin.
  • Use Of Pesticides
    Flowers have sprayed the insecticides, herbicides and fungicides to maximize the shelf life but not to eat. This act makes the them not fit for human consumption. Moreover, Some flowers are not fresh because these are imported and flown long distance so they can never be fresh.
  • Flowers Storage Method
    The florist may scrupulous in cleaning their buckets, but their cut blooms are stored in the water. This standing water cause breeding of bacteria which are not welcome near a cake.

Experts Advice

If you follow the experts advise against decorating your cake with the flower or anything which is not approved for food can be risky to your life. Make sure whether it is a flower, or anything else should be free from chemical, microbial and physical contamination. You can do consider using edible flowers to take from your garden.

At Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats, we offer a wide variety of floral cakes that are designed by cream or edible flowers. Feel free to call us and order for a cake.

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