4 Things To Keep in Mind Before Baking A Cake

4 Things To Keep in Mind Before Baking A Cake

Baking A CakeAre you planning to surprise your loved one by baking a surprise birthday cake at home? Cakes are not easy to bake and needs to be tossed with care. Every ingredient you add should be measured accurately, the base should be handled perfectly, and a lot of other things should be kept in mind to bake an amazing birthday cake of any flavor you want. 

Here are a few tips to follow to make your cake baking experience fun and exciting:

  1. Add & Mix Ingredients Well
    Cake baking is much like a chemistry project where even a small percent of an extra ingredient may ruin the whole experiment. No matter, you are baking a layered or a fondant cake, fine texture, softness and moistness should be there. All this can be achieved by stirring and mixing the ingredients in a proper manner.
  2. Choose The Proper Pan Size
    The other thing you need to figure out is the pan size you need to bake. Make sure you choose a slightly bigger pan compared to the cake size. This is because a cake increases in volume during the baking process and may overflow if the pan is smaller.
  3. Use The Right Flour For The Base
    There are different types of flours available, depending on the percentage of protein and gluten they have. You can choose the right flour for your cake based on the bread density and tenderness you need.
  4. Weigh The Flour Into A Cup
    Depending on how large cake you want to bake, measure the flour using a weight. All the flour measurements should be in ounces. In case you don’t have a weight or kitchen scale, it’s time to get one.

So, these were the basic steps to follow to bake a perfect cake. If you want to order an online birthday cake in Cambridge, feel free to place your order over the call at Dvas Custom Cakes & Treats.

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