Top Five Wedding Cake Trends Dominating 2018? Here Is A List

Top Five Wedding Cake Trends Dominating 2018? Here Is A List

Top Five Wedding Cake Trends Dominating 2018When it comes to the wedding cake, your mind automatically goes to get a design that suppress the old styles. The cakes are becoming almost a big part of many occasions delivering a story to the people in your party. Nowadays, the cakes are customized on the demand in different color and design. For example, a bride and bridegroom shaped cake is one of the preferable choices for wedding cakes.
But, you want something different that should be in the air, is it true? If yes, then get ready to find a list of trendy cake styles. Surely, it has the eye-catching designs and mouth-watering taste.
  • Floral Cakes
    Floral cakes are ruling the market for delivering a touch of real flowers. No matter, the flowers crafted on the cake are on its head, bottom, or as a spring from above to bottom, it just gives pleasure to the viewers with it’s multi-shade colors.
  • Bold In Gold
    Another trend set for the cake in 2018 is gold and silver tier. Its tier is made of chocolate and given a gold touch with spray gold. It seems like a royal wedding cake.
  • Shaggy Cakes
    The shaggy cake is something that is unusual in the cake trends. It is different with each strand frosted carefully and possibly designed on wedding cake perfectly.
  • Drip Cakes
    Whichever cake you have made, drips works indulgent. White chocolate dripping on a dark chocolate cake increases your hunger to taste it now. The dripping is specially designed to attract the viewers.
  • Cake Tables
    Cake table improves the appearance of single tiered cakes. In this trend of cakes, a single tier cake is exactly placed in the center of the table surrounded by the relevant sweets, cake pops, cupcakes and affordable treats.

In order to book an order for your choice wedding trendy cake, approach Dvas Custom Cakes & Trends. We prepare a fresh, delicious and handmade cake for any occasions.

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